New, giveaway type to reward the community for your continued support and presence among my giveaways.

This giveaway is themed around taking in donations, rebasing them, then sending out the rewards to the winners.

Through this, we can all seek to benefit and get more value, the more participants there are as we go into the sacrifice!

NEW: As a thanks to the community, I have added a loyalty bonus, providing bonus entries if you have been in my past giveaways!


There were 28 valid entries among 10 users

7 winners splitting 245 Safuu equally

  • Trav2974
  • Sven Creutz
  • Proffessor X
  • Trav2974
  • Trav2974
  • Trav2974
  • Alex Dix

Closing Remarks

This was the worst turnout of any giveaway I have done which I attribute towards bad market conditions


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