Safuu Has Ensued Yet Another Whale Wallet Manipulation, Pumping The Price Almost 72% In The Matter Of 12 Hours. This Action Was Seen With Speculation And Was Thwarted By The Large Sell Seen Within 9 Hours Of The Initial Purchase.

Diving into the Technial Analysis for the day, we see that Safuu had tried to hold that $3.33 price mark as a support as discussed in yesterdays Live Chart Analysis on the ConfermentRM YouTube Channel. This then broke the Safuu Chart down to the $3.10 mark, were it also quickly lost support following a $693,000 sell. Interestingly enough, Safuu did set another low, but quickly regained strength following a 10% rise from the bottom it had created sitting at $2.42 as of the time of writing this post. It seems as if Safuu is determined to hold this $2.40 region as over the past few days with all the volatility, this is the region is holds, or comes back to as a steady region of price action.

No One Knows The Intentions Behind This Infamous Wallet That Keeps Buying And Selling Within Hours, But It Is Definitely Something Worth Noting For Anyone That Is Dollar Cost Averaging, Or Buying In For The First Time. Doing Your Own Research And Analysis Along With Others Opinions May Be Something Worth Noting! This Is Something Worth Doing When Determining A Course Of Action

This is our Inverse Chart, showing potential downside action of Safuu if it is unable to break to the upside or stay somewhat stable at its current price. We can see that a stride made to $2.13 would put a potential to seeing Safuu trying for that $1.96 price region. A break Below that would see Safuu to $1.78 as a Full Extension to the downside.

On our upside, and a regular Fibonacci, Safuu can be seen making strides to the upside, currently battling the .236 at that $2.42 price mark. A retracement to $2.93 would see us at the .786 Fib Level, and indicating further action to at least $3.13. Safuu does have the $2.56 at the .382, $2.67 at the .5, $2.78 at the .618, before reaching to that .786 retracement level.

What do you think is going to be happening with the Safuu Chart/Price leading up to Dubai? What are your feelings on this price action? Leave a comment below!

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By ConfermentRM

I have been a Crypto Investor since 2019. I have always had an admiration for charts, as I would like to be able to predict how the market will turn day to day.

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11 days ago

Thank you Conferment_RM!

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