Safuu Has Broke The $4.70 and $4.50 Supports. It Now Sits On The $4.07 Support

Safuu has broke through a critical supports at the $4.70 and $4.45/$4.50 marks. Right now, it is sitting at a the last one above $4 at $4.07. The next low projected from here is $3.96, $3.84, $3.68, then the $3.47 before we get to the All Time Low. We may remain short term bullish if we are able to break above $4.35- and get ourselves above that $4.45 price region and break through the downtrend ceiling that has been formed. But, a clear break from this triangle, as said the previous days that this was coming, is $3.32. Typically once the break happens it does follow it. We would need to see good buy volume come in to invalidate this trend, and start a reversal back up. A failure to break though the ceiling above, will justify the price coming back to $4, and ensue a further breakdown. Lets see how the price can reverse for the Node Sacrifice Weekend if it can. Sentiment on the whole Crypto Market as a whole is down, and Safuu is not immune to this.

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By ConfermentRM

I have been a Crypto Investor since 2019. I have always had an admiration for charts, as I would like to be able to predict how the market will turn day to day.