It just has been confirmed that SAFUUX is partnering with crypto exchange “CHANGE NOW“.

Jason just mentioned “this is absolutely huge news for new people coming onboard”.

Bryan Legend just explained that when we are going to SafuuX, Change Now would be ideal to swap/convert SFX to any other token on any popular other chain.

It’s also possible to trade SAFUU with any other token on the Change NOW exchange, from next Monday onwards.

Debit and creditcards are supported!

YouTube live session is still live on :

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By Hank

I started this SAFUU blog recently. In a short period I have brought together a nice team of people who create great content to promote Safuu(X). Also a big thank you to all SAFUU Youtubers!

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Sheldon Tirado
Sheldon Tirado
12 days ago

There is no stopping Safuu & SafuuX. Absolutely amazing project!

Sheldon Tirado
Sheldon Tirado
12 days ago
Reply to  Sheldon Tirado