Today, we are excited to announce that Safuu has officially partnered with ChangeNow, a global crypto exchange with over 3.5 million active users, access to 500+ assets including Fiat pairings, Credit & Debit card facilitation and more!

What does it mean for Safuu?

Our current SAFUU Token will be officially active on ChangeNow for swap on Monday 12th September 2022 between many of the top known coins and leading Blockchains such as BTC, ETH, TRX and more.

SAFUU Token holders now have a simple way to swap between 500+ assets by choosing which Blockchain they intend to use at a touch of a button.

SafuuX Benefits into the future…

In this partnership agreement ChangeNow will not only list our native SafuuX coin (SFX) for easy exchange and swap between other assets in the same multichain solution, but it is also guaranteed and confirmed that our official SafuuX DEX; WaffleSwap will be featured and promoted on the ChangeNow platform too.

Currently ChangeNow only lists 2 trusted DEX’s; UniSwap (Ethereum) & PancakeSwap (Binance), but the excitement of a 3rd DEX; WaffleSwap (SafuuX) will also be added once the SafuuX Blockchain is active on MainNet after January 20th, 2023.

This is a huge win for SafuuX and means that there is now an easy on/off ramp for investors looking to switch to the SafuuX chain by using ChangeNow’s exchange service by swapping BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA, etc as an example to SFX and therefore eliminating the need for a Bridge until SafuuX releases it’s own in later weeks after successful MainNet deployment.

Bonus for Tokens listed on WaffleSwap

Any SFU-20 Token that is listed and actively trading on our SafuuX DEX (WaffleSwap) will be immediately eligible to have their token listed on ChangeNow too! This allows for rapid interoperability.

The eligibility requirement for a token to be listed is a liquidity pairing minimum of $100,000 in pool value. Example; YOURS/SFX.

Extra Features

Credit/Debit Card

One of ChangeNow’s services is the Buy/Sell Crypto feature allowing direct purchases of SFX via Visa or Mastercard for those users who are new to crypto and just need a simple and cost effective way to buy SFX without all the rigmarole or needing to go through lengthy and complicated procedures.

Stable Coins

Stable coins such as USDT, USDC, BUSD can be used to buy/swap SFX and visa versa. By holding SFX you can also sell/swap to stable coins on any Blockchain of your choice.


Exchanging to Fiat is simple too. SFX can be swapped/sold for all major listed Fiat pairings such as USD, AUD, EUR and more.

ChangeNow offers the ability to buy & sell SFX directly to and from your bank account instantaneously without the need to visit a CEX (Centralized Exchange) at all.

Excitement continues…

This partnership is just one of many new partnerships to be announced in the near future which holds intrinsic value to SafuuX and embodies the fabric of what we need to be successful, allowing the easy onboarding of new users and the exchange of assets through a trusted multichain solution.

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By Hank

I started this SAFUU blog recently. In a short period I have brought together a nice team of people who create great content to promote Safuu(X). Also a big thank you to all SAFUU Youtubers!