Now available : SAFUU COFFEE

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening, with SAFUU coffee. Did I hear that correctly? Coffee specially brewed for our community and coffee lovers? YES.

Choose your taste : RHUMBA COLOMBIA, PEPE PERU or PANCHO PERU DECAF and MORE! From only $18,95, free domestic shipping. Deal ends soon. Brewed and delivered by the community. By the way, this would be an excellent Dubai coffee at the SAFUU stand?

Check it out :

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By Hank

I started this SAFUU blog recently. In a short period I have brought together a nice team of people who create great content to promote Safuu(X). Also a big thank you to all SAFUU Youtubers!

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Uniform Kits
Uniform Kits
2 months ago

This is awesome!! So looking forward to a cuppa — Thanks Hank!!